, creds=None, region_name=None, session=None, aws_unsigned=None, use_ssl=True, cache=False, **cfg)[source]#

Construct s3 client with configured region_name.

  • profile (Optional[str]) – profile name to lookup (only used if session is not supplied)

  • creds (Optional[ReadOnlyCredentials]) – Override credentials with supplied data

  • region_name (Optional[str]) – region_name to use, overrides session setting

  • aws_unsigned (Optional[bool]) – Do not use any credentials when accessing S3 resources

  • session (Optional[Session]) – botocore session to use

  • use_ssl (bool) – Whether to connect via http or https

  • cache (Union[bool, str]) – True - store/lookup s3 client in thread local cache. "purge" - delete from cache and return what was there to begin with

  • cfg – passed on to botocore.client.Config(..)

Return type