Metadata Types#

name: barebone
description: A minimalist metadata type file
  id: [id]  # No longer configurable in newer ODCs.
  sources: [lineage, source_datasets]  # No longer configurable in newer ODCs.

  creation_dt: [properties, 'odc:processing_datetime']
  label: [label]
  # The following keys are necessary if describing spatial datasets
  # grid_spatial: [grid_spatial, projection]
  # measurements: [measurements]
  # format: [properties, 'odc:file_format']

      description: Platform code
      offset: [properties, 'eo:platform']
      indexed: false


Metadata type yaml file must contain name, description and dataset keys.

Dataset key must contain id, sources, creation_dt, label, and search_fields keys.

For metadata types of spatial datasets, the dataset key must also contain grid_spatial, measurements, and format keys. Support for non-spatial datasets is likely to be dropped in version 2.0.