Source code for datacube.drivers.indexes

# This file is part of the Open Data Cube, see for more information
# Copyright (c) 2015-2024 ODC Contributors
# SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0
from typing import List, Optional

from ._tools import singleton_setup
from .driver_cache import load_drivers
from ..index.abstract import AbstractIndexDriver

class IndexDriverCache(object):
    def __init__(self, group: str) -> None:
        self._drivers = load_drivers(group)

        if len(self._drivers) == 0:
            from datacube.index.postgres.index import index_driver_init
            self._drivers = dict(default=index_driver_init())

        for driver in list(self._drivers.values()):
            if hasattr(driver, 'aliases'):
                for alias in driver.aliases:
                    self._drivers[alias] = driver

    def __call__(self, name: str) -> AbstractIndexDriver:
        :returns: None if driver with a given name is not found

        :param name: Driver name
        :return: Returns IndexDriver
        return self._drivers.get(name, None)

    def drivers(self) -> List[str]:
        """ Returns list of driver names
        return list(self._drivers.keys())

def index_cache() -> IndexDriverCache:
    """ Singleton for IndexDriverCache
    return singleton_setup(index_cache, '_instance',

[docs]def index_drivers() -> List[str]: """ Returns list driver names """ return index_cache().drivers()
[docs]def index_driver_by_name(name: str) -> Optional[AbstractIndexDriver]: """ Lookup writer driver by name :returns: Initialised writer driver instance :returns: None if driver with this name doesn't exist """ return index_cache()(name)