Data Preperation Scripts#


Much of the below content is not updated and has not been tested recently.

Sometimes data to load into an Open Data Cube will come packaged with compatible dataset-metadata-doc and be ready to index immediately.

In other cases you will need to generate these dataset-metadata-doc yourself. This is done using a Dataset Preparation Script, which reads whatever format metadata has been supplied with the data, and either writes out ODC compatible files, or adds records directly to an ODC database.

For common distribution formats there is likely to be a script already, but other formats will require one to be modified.

Existing dataset-metadata-docs

Examples of prepare scripts are found in the datacube-dataset-config repository on Github.

Landsat Samples#

The two examples below show preparing USGS Landsat data for indexing into an Open Data Cube:

1. Preparing USGS Landsat Collection 1 - LEVEL1#

Download the USGS Collection 1 landsat scenes from any of the links below:

The prepare script for collection 1 - level 1 data is available in

$ wget
$ python --help

    Prepare USGS Landsat Collection 1 data for ingestion into the Data Cube.
    This prepare script supports only for MTL.txt metadata file
    To Set the Path for referring the datasets -
    Download the  Landsat scene data from Earth Explorer or GloVis into
    'some_space_available_folder' and unpack the file.
    For example: --output [Yaml- which writes datasets into this file for indexing]
    [Path for dataset as : /home/some_space_available_folder/]

    --output PATH  Write datasets into this file
    --help         Show this message and exit.

$ python --output ls8_usgs_lv1 ~/earth_explorer/Collection1/LANDSAT8

ls8_usgs_lv1 is the output for required dataset for landsat 8 scene.

To add the product definitions:

For Landsat collection 1 level 1 product:

$ datacube product add docs/config_samples/dataset_types/ls_usgs.yaml
Added "ls8_level1_usgs"
Added "ls7_level1_usgs"
Added "ls5_level1_usgs"
Added "ls8_l1_pc_usgs"

2. Preparing USGS Landsat Surface Reflectance - LEDAPS#

To prepare downloaded USGS LEDAPS Landsat scenes for use with the Data Cube, use the script provided in

The following example generates the required Dataset Metadata files, named agdc-metadata.yaml for three landsat scenes.

$ wget
$ python USGS_precollection_oldscripts/ --help

    Prepare USGS LS dataset for ingestion into the Data Cube.

    --help  Show this message and exit.

$ python ~/USGS_LandsatLEDAPS/*/
2016-06-09 15:32:51,641 INFO Processing ~/USGS_LandsatLEDAPS/LC80960852015365-SC20160211222236
2016-06-09 15:32:52,096 INFO Writing ~/USGS_LandsatLEDAPS/LC80960852015365-SC20160211222236/agdc-metadata.yaml
2016-06-09 15:32:52,119 INFO Processing ~/USGS_LandsatLEDAPS/LE70960852016024-SC20160211221824
2016-06-09 15:32:52,137 INFO Writing ~/USGS_LandsatLEDAPS/LE70960852016024-SC20160211221824/agdc-metadata.yaml
2016-06-09 15:32:52,151 INFO Processing ~/USGS_LandsatLEDAPS/LT50960852011290-SC20160211221617
2016-06-09 15:32:52,157 INFO Writing ~/USGS_LandsatLEDAPS/LT50960852011290-SC20160211221617/agdc-metadata.yaml

The scenes are now ready to be indexed and accessed using the Data Cube.

For Landsat Surface reflectance LEDAPS add:

$ datacube product add docs/config_samples/dataset_types/*
Added "ls5_ledaps_scene"
Added "ls7_ledaps_scene"
Added "ls8_ledaps_scene"

Then index the data.

3. Indexing data on AWS, an example using Sentinel-2#

To view an example of how to index Sentinel-2 data from S3 check out the documentation available in the datacube-dataset-config_ repository.

Custom Prepare Scripts#

We expect that many new Data Cube instances will require custom prepare scripts to be written. It is generally a straightforward task of mapping metadata from one form to another and writing out a YAML document. The code need not even be written in Python, although starting with one of our examples is generally the easiest way.